We love and believe in what we do

Medropharm AG specialises in the extraction, production and marketing of pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids and cannabinoid-containing products that make an active contribution to the preservation of health and quality of life.

All our efforts are devoted to researching the medicinal plant Cannabis sativa and its useful components and to turning them into suitable inputs for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

We place the greatest emphasis on repeatable production processes, and we strive to attain the highest standards of quality at every stage of processing, from cultivation and handling to the manufacture of finished products. In so doing, we ensure the manufacturing firms that purchase our output receive a standardised, high-quality raw material that meets even the highest expectations.

We meet the growing demands of the swiftly expanding market for medicinal cannabinoids by supplying workmanship of the highest quality. We are a reliable supplier of dietary supplements and food additives that best support the human body. In order to ensure absorption of the active components, we offer a wide range of applications.

The company’s steady technological progress is crucial.

Accordingly, we continually invest in innovative and up-to-date processes. Our manufacturing and production processes are on the cutting edge of technology. 

Careful selection of seed for cultivation is essential, because only carefully selected germplasm gently processed by qualified specialists ensures an effective, high-quality product.

Medropharm AG is deeply involved in plant research and is currently working on the germplasm of the future, to revolutionise the cultivation and production of high-quality cannabinoids. 

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