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We are thoroughly familiar with the techniques for extracting and processing herbal components.

We are a reliable source for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

With our multi-stage extraction process, we are able to recover a number of fractions from the cannabis plants.

Since extraction of herbal components is sometimes subject to sharp fluctuations in quality, it is essential to inspect product flow at certain set points in the production process. Thanks to our reproducible processing technology, Medropharm GmbH is able to ensure uniform quality of the raw materials we supply to downstream manufacturers.

As suppliers of natural components for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries, we are eager to work with you to determine the most suitable application for your product.

Is your product a solid, a liquid or a paste? Does its manufacture require certain conditions? How is its active substance absorbed by patients? Should the active substance be released over a certain time span?

Thanks to our many years of experience in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, we are in a position to offer a wide range of applications for the raw materials we supply.

We have on our own applications laboratory, and we would be happy to furnish advice for product development.

Various applications



Our solid products can be used in many different ways.

They have a long shelf life and uniform quality. Our products’ ease of use sets them apart from conventional mass-produced merchandise. The active component is sprayed onto a substrate and gently enveloped by it. The choice of substrate material is crucial for the finished product and the setting in which it will be administered.

Spray drying

Spray drying is a particularly gentle and effective method for producing high-quality powders.

Spraying an emulsion of the active component forms a mist of tiny particles, which are then dried by hot gas flowing in the opposite direction. The solvent evaporates during this process, absorbing heat and thus cooling the powder generated. The substrate is usually maltodextrin or gum arabic.

Spray-dried components are particularly suitable for making solid products such as tablets, chewing gum or baked goods.


Encapsulation means retaining active substances in a polymer matrix. The polymer matrix can be chosen from a wide range of substrates. By selecting different polymers, the active substance can be made to behave in different ways. This method is characterised by controlled release over a particular time span, high stability during storage thanks to being shielded from its surroundings and its coating, which contains a functional group. Encapsulated active substances are particularly suitable when precise release within a specific therapeutic window is desired. Release can be effected via shear forces, contact with solvents, contact with gastric acid, or spontaneously over time.



GEM is a 100% natural product. Using the latest Swiss technology, the trichome tips can be carefully and gently harvested. They contain the full range of the plant’s active components, which are found in the plant’s sap. Our company uses a wide variety of different germplasms, which can be mixed to produce an active substance profile matching your concept.


Our solutions and mixtures – manufactured in accordance with your specifications for further processing in your products – are particularly suitable for products sold as fluids or pastes. Uniform concentration regardless of dosage is guaranteed.

We supply custom-made solutions in whichever solvent is most suited for your purposes. For dermatological use, we recommend solvents that boost the effect of the active substance.


Our micro-emulsions are prepared using the most up-to-date methods and characterised primarily by their low segregation coefficient. We offer expert advice and assistance for a broad range of products, from low-viscosity oil-in-water emulsions to pasty water-in-oil emulsions. Our mixtures’ particularly large contact areas and the proven emulsifiers they contain facilitate absorption of the cannabinoid.

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