Medical Cannabis

Choosing the best strain for your medicine

It is our pleasure to present you three new hemp-strains in spring 2016, which exhibit no psycho-active effects. This is ensured by a high cannabidiol (CBD) content with only trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC <0.9%).

As pioneers regarding the introduction of medicinal hemp into medical therapies, it is our main focus to guarantee an uncomplicated and reliable treatment to patients suffering from various afflictions.

The therapy with medical Hemp, which does not show psychoactive properties, has only little side effects. It offers therefore an excellent alternative to conventional medicine in many countries. Its impact helps to reduce ailments regarding a multitude of diseases verifiably.

Medropharm LLC is engaged in promoting the understanding and acceptance of the numerous potential benefits of medical Cannabis, which is described in a large number of studies.



In order to meet the various needs of our patients we deliver high quality strains grown in Switzerland and traded to justifiable prices.

Our team includes experienced leaders in the fields of molecular plant genetics, biotechnology, horticulture and quality assurance.

Our facility is designed to meet the high standards of the medical cannabis industry and we operate under strict quality assurance. This begins at the selection of seeds and is maintained throughout all stages of the product lifecycle.

We will keep you informed as the process continues. Hence, please check this page for updates.



Medropharm M-1338







Medropharm M-1559

“Medropharm is more than a Swiss medical cannabis company - we have a vision. It is our mission to improve the quality of life of our patients by expanding the world’s understanding of the cannabis medicine. ”
Mike Toniolo

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